“And they will say: Surely this must be a wise and understanding people…”
Thursday September 18th 2014

Life Imitating Enclave

Romney in a Landslide!

Well, in the Enclave at least… “Take a four-square-block slice of Gravesend, Brooklyn, a warren of [Read More]

Well, if they didn’t hate us before

The police say that the suspected "hate crime" on Ocean Parkway was probably just a "hate insurance scam" [Read More]

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Crispy crusts [life imitating]

Or, what happens when you don't pay the JSOR on time. (courtesy of reader GS and the Asbury Park Press) [Read More]

Random Articles

The Shabbat Genius

A new gadget promises to enhance the Sabbath spirit. [Read More]

Blacks, Whites Begin Forgiveness Talks

In a groundbreaking summit, delegates of the Black Hat and White Hat factions are meeting to exchange requests for forgiveness. Can they possibly bridge the years of animosity between their groups? [Read More]

The Fight Against Singality

Members of the enclave, with their vastly differing opinions and marginally differing bloodlines, seem to share one common goal: marriage. Notwithstanding any “foreign entanglements” among [Read More]

SAFE Study Finds No Drug Problem in Community; May Close Doors

With new evidence that there is no drug abuse in the community, SAFE is considering strategic options. [Read More]

Father, New Fiancé “So Close”, Says Girl

A recently engaged community girl has been bragging to her friends about how extraordinarily well her father gets along with her new fiancé. The two men share common interests, similar life [Read More]

Editorial: ‘Farah Turkey!’

Stuff that turkey with hashu, spike the cranberry sauce with 'arak, and make it a very SY Thanksgiving. [Read More]

To Vote or Not to Vote

The Enclave tells you the answer [Read More]

Man Gazes Upon Cohanim, Loses Vision

In what some are touting as a cautionary tale, a young man was punished for a cavalier approach to our hallowed traditions. [Read More]