“And they will say: Surely this must be a wise and understanding people…”
Sunday April 26th 2015

Life Imitating Enclave

Romney in a Landslide!

Well, in the Enclave at least… “Take a four-square-block slice of Gravesend, Brooklyn, a warren of [Read More]

Well, if they didn’t hate us before

The police say that the suspected "hate crime" on Ocean Parkway was probably just a "hate insurance scam" [Read More]

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Crispy crusts [life imitating]

Or, what happens when you don't pay the JSOR on time. (courtesy of reader GS and the Asbury Park Press) [Read More]

Random Articles

SAFE Study Finds No Drug Problem in Community; May Close Doors

With new evidence that there is no drug abuse in the community, SAFE is considering strategic options. [Read More]

Entrepreneurship Focus: “Chadame.com”

Inspired by the success of sites like eBay and Facebook, some young entrepreneurs have launched "Maid to Order" (www.chadame.com). [Read More]

Brooklyn Shul Janitor Survives Summer

Out of the hectic tumult of the return to Brooklyn, a shocking story has emerged as Julio, the shul's benign and gentle caretaker, went the entire summer locked in a coat room, with no one noticing. [Read More]

Passover List Compromised By Hackers

Much of the community was in turmoil this past week, as it was discovered that malicious hackers had penetrated Kashrut.org and surreptitiously added several hametz items to the infamous [Read More]

Man’s Free Will Stolen in Brazen Robbery

A community man becomes the victim of a growing crime wave. [Read More]

Community Revelers Celebrate Purim 7 Months Early

The holiness of Purim is accelerated to October 31st. [Read More]


The Big Thread: Main source for links and discussion around FBI's 7/23 bust of community shuls and Rabbis. [Read More]

Ashley Dupre: From Red Light to the Lighthouse

A minor celebrity is spotted in Belmar. [Read More]