“And they will say: Surely this must be a wise and understanding people…”
Tuesday September 16th 2014

Life Imitating Enclave

Romney in a Landslide!

Well, in the Enclave at least… “Take a four-square-block slice of Gravesend, Brooklyn, a warren of [Read More]

Well, if they didn’t hate us before

The police say that the suspected "hate crime" on Ocean Parkway was probably just a "hate insurance scam" [Read More]

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Crispy crusts [life imitating]

Or, what happens when you don't pay the JSOR on time. (courtesy of reader GS and the Asbury Park Press) [Read More]

Random Articles

McCain Wins!

The results are in; Enclave members give McCain their 5 electoral votes [Read More]


The Big Thread: Main source for links and discussion around FBI's 7/23 bust of community shuls and Rabbis. [Read More]

Rabbi’s Pensive Look Really Just From Holding in Fart

A local rabbi found himself presented with a new challenge from the pulpit this past Saturday, as hundreds of congregants flooded into synagogue for the perspective and clarity of his weekly Shabbat [Read More]

HBO Stand-Up to Feature “Brooklyn Rabbi”

A local personality wins his own HBO special. [Read More]

Shamayim – There’s an App for That

A new iPhone App promises to tell users exactly where they stand in the eyes of God, in what is being called a "landmark event" in the convergence of handheld devices and Judaism. [Read More]

The Shabbat Genius

A new gadget promises to enhance the Sabbath spirit. [Read More]

‘I Eat Cheese Out’ Sect Tackles Judaism’s Toughest Questions

A rapidly congealing movement brings its disciplined, reasoned approach to thorny issues of religion and gastronomy. [Read More]

Top Gun Announces New F1 Racing Event

Racing fans and charity buffs are cheering at the news that SBH will be adding a new sport to the Top Gun tournament, Formula One Racing. [Read More]