“And they will say: Surely this must be a wise and understanding people…”
Monday July 6th 2015

Life Imitating Enclave

Romney in a Landslide!

Well, in the Enclave at least… “Take a four-square-block slice of Gravesend, Brooklyn, a warren of [Read More]

Well, if they didn’t hate us before

The police say that the suspected "hate crime" on Ocean Parkway was probably just a "hate insurance scam" [Read More]

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Crispy crusts [life imitating]

Or, what happens when you don't pay the JSOR on time. (courtesy of reader GS and the Asbury Park Press) [Read More]

Random Articles

Editorial: ‘Farah Turkey!’

Stuff that turkey with hashu, spike the cranberry sauce with 'arak, and make it a very SY Thanksgiving. [Read More]

Old Woman Finally Married

A community woman was finally married last Saturday night, at 24. [Read More]

Young Mogul Executes $250 mm Deal, Perfect Brickbreaker Game

A young dealmaker makes a name for himself among SY moguls by executing a condominium transaction and a new high score. [Read More]

SYMall – The Indestructible Mailing List

The enclave’s very own SYMall and its cousin, the mysterious SY text messaging service, remain the only pair of marketers who have avoided the "Unsubscribe" laws that the rest of the universe is [Read More]

Anonymous Community Dating Site Launched

Following the trend of anonymous SY websites, a new service has been launched to match up our community's singles without fear of social reprisal or excommunication. [Read More]

Kippur: The Aftermath

What happens the morning after the holiest day of the Jewish year? The Enclave finds that most SYs are ready to resume life as usual, while still humming Selihot tunes. [Read More]

HBO Stand-Up to Feature “Brooklyn Rabbi”

A local personality wins his own HBO special. [Read More]

Caught, for God’s Sake!

A heavy blow was dealt to the enclave yesterday, as some of the community's most trusted, religious, and morally upright figures were found to be guilty of the most serious crime imaginable: getting [Read More]